countdown fun pt.1

we've had a fun summer. nothing too spectacular. no big family trips. just hanging out.
we're big fans of the day trip around here. (honestly, i'm not fond of hotels)
the hubsters was going out of town for two weeks (the week before school and the first week of school) i think he planned that trip too nicely. if you have children you know what those weeks can be like.
in order to fill that last week before school started we had our own countdown to fun.

monday morning. grandma came over and we headed down 95 to jamestown.

it was a bit rainy but light rain during a virginia august is so much better than the alternative.

jp was the most excited. typically the 4th grade classes get to take a field trip to jamestown, but due to budget cuts their class did not get to go. he was major bummed. this definitely worked out better.

3 hours drive down, an hour and a half on site, a 30 minute brain aching stop at sonic and a 3 hour drive back.
yes, it was all worth it.

best day ever

the local library does a summer reading program which involves reading 15 books to receive a coupon book. all three kiddos completed the program and got their coupon books. yay!
we have been trying to use them up before school takes over our lives again.
best coupon and best idea ever?
holy cow! i hadn't plan on going with them but an adult was required and my girlfriend with me refused to go. seriously, if you've gone you should have taken me with you. it was such a blast. i am now bound and determined to get a date night going with other couples.
here's the kids as we went in

next coupon used an hour and a half later was for free admittance into a water park. off they went on the next adventure. (no pix as i had a commitment, friend took them).

next adventure was a no coupon adventure but a family tradition.
demolition derby
it's never really good but it is hysterical and fun. we consider it a cultural experience.

writing this down does not quite indicate the length of the day or the exhaustion i felt. nonetheless i am pretty sure my kids will consider it the funnest day of the summer.

band practice

oh gosh i love these boys and their randomness.
fyi - the band name is monkey bread from heaven. can you not love this totally unrehearsed performance

park day

we have made some new friends recently that gave us an amazing opportunity this past week. now some of you wont care, but for me this was awesome!
we got vip passes to go into redskins training camp for the last day of camp for the last time in ashburn for a minimum of 7 years (they are moving camp to richmond for 7 years). i had planned on taking the kids to watch training camp this whole pre season but hadn't gotten around to it yet. when we told our friends our plan to go they hooked us up.
here's some shots

 uh yeah that would be coach shanahan talking to baby e. that was awesome. we had total access.
i didn't get many pics,but i saw and shook hands with some skin superstars. it was so much fun!
i don't think the kids fully realized how cool it was but i did and for sure i will never forget.

hail to the redskins!


we got invited with some friends to go to riverbend park last week. we had a great time.